Take an all-terrain vehicle for a drive in a trial 4×4 area.

The idea behind this activity is to learn how to drive in extremely testing conditions.

Participants are supervised by an expert instructor to give the relevant instructions with demonstrations and guarantee safety at all times.

This is not a speed test: quite the opposite as the vehicles have to overcome several obstacles, taking participants to the limit of their physical abilities.


1 guide per 4/5 participants

4×4 Tour of the Penedès

Various routes take us through the most characteristic locations in the Penedès region, namely vineyards, also passing through woods, crossing streams and huge quagmires, the Penedès plain, the summit of Montcau…

In other words, extremely varied routes that give participants the chance to enjoy impressive views of the rounded forms of Montserrat (the symbol of Catalan culture), amongst others.

1 guide per 4/5 participants

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